Japanese in the parentheses

Reserved seat A (A-shitei) 3,900 *3,100
Reserved seat B (B-shitei) 3,100 *2,600
Reserved seat B (B-shitei)
Only for the games vs. GIANTS


Outfield reserved (Gaiya shitei) 1,900 *1,500
Bleachers, adult (Gaiya, otona) 1,500 @
Bleachers, child (Gaiya, kodomo) 500 @

*Discount rates for a party of 15 or more
(except the games vs GIANTS)



Buying tickets to the Swallows game is fairly easy. They are seldom sold

out unless it is a Japan Series game. If you want infield tickets, such as

Reserved seat A and B, you can buy them at the ticket booth at the front

of the stadium. (to the left of Gate 7) Outfield tickets are sold behind the

ballpark. (between Gate16 and 17) You can also purchase advance tickets

at the follwing locations.

*All the locations are in Tokyo

Jingu Stadium Advance Ticket Window

Between Gate 8 and 9

Playguide Honten (Ginza)

(03) 3561-8821, Monday through Saturday except holidays

Ticket Bureau (Yurakucho)

(03) 3211-5555, Opens everyday

Kokusai Kanko Play Service (Tokyo Station)

(03) 3214-5741, Monday through Friday except holidays

Akagiya Playguide (Nihonbashi)

(03) 3273-5481, Monday through Saturday except holidays

Ticket Bureau (Shinjuku)

(03) 3352-1521, Opens everyday

Keio Ticket Service (Shinjuku)

(03) 5321-8098, Opens everyday

Subnade Playguide (Shinjuku)

(03) 3354-2366, Opens everyday

Tokyu Bunka Ticket Center (Shibuya)

(03) 3406-1513, Opens everyday

Ticketport (Ginza, Shinuku, Shibuya, Kichijoji, Ikebukuro, Yotsuya)

(03) 3357-9999, Opens everyday

You can pick up the tickets at any Lawson convenience store if you

make a reservation at Lawson Ticket, (03)5537-9999.